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In B1A4's Japanese version of their hit song "You Are A Girl I Am A Boy," the lyrics explore themes of friendship, longing for connection, and self-identity. The opening lines, "You and I Tomodachi de iyōu/ Itsukaya yakusoku shitanoni" set a tone of friendship and closeness, with the song's narrative revolving around this theme.

The lyrics then delve into the emotional complexities that come with being friends, as the singer admits, "Boku wa mamore-sō mo nai/ Dō shiyō mo nai hodo." These lines convey a sense of vulnerability and openness, acknowledging that despite being close friends, there are still boundaries that cannot be crossed.

The chorus of the song, "Cause you are a girl I'm a boy/ You are a girl I'm a boy/ No matter what you say/ Kimi ga ieba zenbu/ I feel so good," is a powerful affirmation of friendship and connection. It highlights the idea that regardless of gender or societal norms, true friends are valued for who they are, not what they represent.

The lyrics also touch upon the longing for intimacy and acceptance, with lines like "Cause you are a girl I'm a boy/ You are a girl I'm a boy/ Won't you feel me follow me/ Tomodachi ni narenai" suggesting a desire to be closer to the friend. This need for connection is further emphasized in the lyrics, "Tomodachi danjo no yūjō/ Aru to shinji tetanoni," which convey a sense of longing and intimacy that goes beyond the bounds of friendship.

The song also touches upon themes of self-identity, as seen in lines like, "Osananajimi ga tomodachi ijō boku no kitai mo kajō" and "Bokura no ma ni wa mienai ōkina kabe ga/ Norikoeyou ima todoketai kotoba," which explore the complexities of self-perception and societal identity.

The song's lyrics also touch upon the internal struggles that come with being a friend, with lines like "Boku no in my head otona e kawari yuku katei" suggesting an inner turmoil that is not fully understood or expressed. This theme of inner turmoil and vulnerability adds depth to the song's emotional landscape and highlights the importance of understanding and accepting friends for who they are, rather than judging them based on societal norms.

In conclusion, B1A4's Japanese version of "You Are A Girl I Am A Boy" is a powerful exploration of friendship, intimacy, self-identity, and vulnerability. The lyrics touch upon the complexities that come with being friends, the longing for connection, and the importance of understanding and accepting one another for who they are. These themes make the song relatable and comforting for anyone who has ever struggled to find their place in society or longed for acceptance and intimacy.

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