Meaning of Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time - Roy Orbison

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Roy Orbison's hauntingly beautiful ballad, "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time," is a poignant plea for love and understanding in the face of adversity. The lyrics speak of a desperate longing for connection, a fear of losing someone forever, and the passing of time.

The song begins with the singer lamenting the fact that his loved one keeps disappearing from his life, leaving him to wonder how long this pattern will continue. He implores her to see the warning signs and to hold on to their relationship before it's too late. He expresses a deep need for her presence in his life, fearing that if he lets her go, it may be forever.

The dominant themes of "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time" are love, loss, time, and desperation. The singer is desperate to hold on to the love he shares with the woman, knowing that the passage of time threatens their connection. He fears that she may succumb to the pressures of the world around her, leaving him alone in the darkness.

The chorus of "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time" emphasizes the importance of holding on to love before it slips away. The singer implores his loved one not to let her heart run out of time, knowing that in the face of adversity and the passage of time, it's easy for love to fade. He offers her hope and a love like his own, urging her to find solace in the sunshine of her mind.

The universality of "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time" lies in its ability to resonate with anyone who has ever experienced the pain of loss or the fear of losing someone they love. The passage of time can be a cruel mistress, and Orbison's lyrics capture the desperation and longing that comes from trying to hold on to something that may slip away.

Orbison's poetic brilliance shines through in his ability to craft lyrics that speak to the human experience. His use of vivid imagery, such as "wild hearts run out of time," paints a picture of the fragility of love and the passage of time. There are no explicit cultural references in the song, making it timeless and universally relatable.

In conclusion, Roy Orbison's "Wild Hearts Run Out Of Time" is a powerful and poignant ballad that speaks to the human experience of love, loss, and time. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the fragility of love in the face of adversity and the passage of time. Through his poetic brilliance, Orbison offers hope and solace, urging us not to let our hearts run out of time.

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