Who Is Yamê


Yamê, an emerging artist of Franco-Cameroonian descent, is carving a unique niche in the music scene with his fusion of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. His music, a reflection of his diverse influences ranging from African legends like Meiway, Papa Wemba, Grace Decca, Ben Decca, to American icons such as Usher, Justin Timberlake, and Michael Jackson, is characterized by intricate rhythms and profound lyrics.

His foray into music is a story of unwavering passion and commitment. Amidst the global pandemic, Yamê took a life-changing decision to leave his unfulfilling job and dive into music full-time. This risk was rewarded when he shot to fame on TikTok, about eighteen months after his career pivot.

Yamê's sound is a compelling intersection of French rap, soul, blues, and jazz – genres he explored through jam sessions in Paris. His creative process often begins with lyric writing, particularly for hooks, frequently composed on the piano. Collaboration is key in his preparation, ensuring efficiency and creativity in the studio.

His body of work includes 'Bantu Mixtape Vol. 1' and 'Vol. 2' (2020), tributes to the Bantu people of Cameroon, and his 2021 debut EP 'Agent 237'. The latter, a nod to James Bond (Agent 007), metaphorically represents his experience as an immigrant in France, using music as a medium to navigate and establish his presence in a new world.

Recent releases like 'Kodjo' and 'Call of Valhalla' have garnered attention, notably from acclaimed producer Timbaland. His upcoming EP features 'Bécane', a testament to his skill in blending vibrant beats with impactful lyrics.

Born in 1995, Yamê's interests extend beyond music. He is deeply engaged in politics, particularly African and geopolitical issues, influenced by his family's history intertwined with colonialism and resistance.

Yamê also shines in live performances. He has captivated audiences in notable venues, including a sold-out show at Les Etoiles in Paris, and has upcoming gigs at the Trianon and L'Olympia.

Yamê represents more than an artist; he embodies the fusion of varied musical influences, self-taught expertise, and the talent to seamlessly blend multiple genres, crafting a unique and authentic musical identity.