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Loyle Carner's composition, "Sun Of Jean," unfolds as a profound exploration of themes deeply rooted in personal experiences and emotions. Commencing with a nod to supporting Nas, the lyrics construct a thematic foundation for contemplation on the broader spectrum of life and the enduring imprints of scars. In eloquent verse, Carner illustrates the lingering impact of life's challenges, employing the metaphor of falling from Mars to underscore the resilience demanded in the face of adversities.

The lyrical narrative takes a poignant turn as Carner delicately unveils the emotional connection with his mother, evoking sentiments of joy and pride through the imagery of tears in her eyes. The symbolic portrayal of rain trickling past the pane captures the intricate nuances of his emotional landscape. The thematic thread woven around limited love, expressly reserved for his mother and diehards, accentuates the profound significance of these relationships in shaping his identity.

Within the verses, Carner unveils a personal struggle, navigating pressures and pleasures that evoke a persistent desire to "drift away." This recurring theme becomes a poignant reflection on the challenges he confronts, delving into the internal conflicts inherent in the human experience. His admission of running from himself, coupled with concerns about health and general well-being, underscores the introspective nature inherent in the composition.

The narrative takes a poignant turn as Carner introduces his brother, Ryan, and the emotional burden of fabricating lies to protect him. The desire to be a stalwart figure for his sibling, juxtaposed against personal struggles, manifests palpably throughout the lyrics. The recurrent use of lies as a coping mechanism lays bare the internal turmoil that Carner grapples with, providing a window into the complexities of simultaneously being a caretaker and wrestling with personal demons.

The title, "Son Of Jean," serves as a poignant homage to his mother, encapsulating a touching metaphorical representation of their unbreakable bond. The submarine imagery reinforces the notion of a close-knit connection, signifying solace and unwavering support derived from familial ties. As the son of Jean, Carner emphasizes the strength found in the foundational relationships that shape his journey.

The concluding lines of the song offer a heartfelt revelation about ADHD, keys turning at the age of 18, and the paramount importance of family. These final verses, narrated by Carner's mother, beautifully encapsulate the essence of his spirited, creative, and adventurous personality. The world, as depicted in the song, emerges as his canvas, enriched by the joy he imparts—a reminiscent tribute to the exuberant spirit of a boy who, quite literally, turned the world upside down.

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