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Yeat's composition, "Split," serves as a profound exploration of the interplay between wealth, materialism, and the ramifications of attaining success. The lyrics within the song construct a vivid tableau of opulence and extravagance, recurrently alluding to luxury automobiles such as the Bentley and Lamborghini, while concurrently boasting about financial prosperity.

The recurring refrain, "I want Bentley, I want money," underscores the central desires of the protagonist, accentuating an unyielding pursuit of affluence and material possessions. This relentless ambition is juxtaposed against the backdrop of persistent external pressures, with individuals seeking to exploit the protagonist's success, evident in the line "I walk in they want my money."

Beneath the veneer of prosperity lies a substratum of paranoia and distrust, manifest in the narrator's perception of others coveting something from him and the perceived necessity to safeguard oneself with a firearm. This thematic thread resonates with the isolating effects of wealth and fame, where genuine connections can often be overshadowed by ulterior motives and self-serving interests.

Throughout the composition, an aura of defiance and self-assurance permeates, exemplified by the narrator's declaration "Give a fuck what they say, I don't make no mistakes." This assertion reflects a confidence bordering on hubris, likely stemming from the protagonist's financial achievements and capacity to indulge in a lavish lifestyle.

Despite the ostentatious displays of wealth, glimpses of vulnerability and instability emerge, articulated through lines such as "I'm fucking insane" and "got a whole lot of shit not runny." These moments of introspection offer insight into the psychological toll exacted by the relentless pursuit of affluence and the pressures associated with upholding appearances.

Ultimately, "Split" transcends its superficial trappings to offer a nuanced examination of the complexities inherent in the pursuit of wealth and success. Through its evocative lyricism and entrancing melody, the song beckons listeners to contemplate the pitfalls of materialism and to reflect on the true essence of fulfillment in a society driven by notions of wealth and status.

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