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Banners' evocative composition, "Someone To You," emerges as a profoundly stirring anthem that centers around the pervasive human yearning for connection and significance. The lyrics articulate a profound desire to garner acknowledgment and worth, conveyed through the lens of an earnest yearning for a substantial relationship.

The initiation of the song unfolds with a poignant declaration encapsulated in the line, "I don't wanna die or fade away, I just wanna be someone." This unfiltered expression establishes the thematic foundation, delineating the overarching motif of an earnest pursuit of purpose and recognition. The recurrence of "I just wanna be someone" reverberates, encapsulating the elemental human craving for identity and influence.

The artist ventures into the sentiment of desiring to vanish without a trace, underscoring the profound yearning for recognition. The aspiration to hold significance universally resonates, as articulated in the eloquent lines, "Dive and disappear without a trace, I just wanna be someone, well, doesn't everyone?" This contemplative reflection on the universal nature of such aspirations imparts depth to the lyrical narrative.

Banners adeptly employs vivid imagery, invoking the concept of a great divide. The plea to assume the role of guiding through this division resonates with the intrinsic human necessity for companionship and support. The fervent wish to become somebody to someone is poignantly encapsulated in the lines, "'Cause I believe that you could lead the way, I just wanna be somebody to someone, oh."

As the lyrical journey unfolds, a poignant portrayal of isolation and the yearning for a sense of belonging emerges. The admission of never having anybody and no road home intensifies the emotional landscape. The artist's declaration, "I wanna be somebody to someone," stands as a poignant acknowledgment of the innate human need for connection and belonging.

The song's bridge introduces a climactic juncture, intertwining imagery of the setting sun, cold sky, and heavy clouds. The plea for someone to call one's own underscores the inherent vulnerability in the human experience. The desire for connection is eloquently encapsulated in the lines, "Then if the clouds get heavy and start to fall, I really need somebody to call my own, I wanna be somebody to someone."

In the final refrain, the artist yearns to become someone to the listener, emphasizing the simplicity of the desire. The repetitive assertion of "Someone to you" becomes a resonant declaration of the artist's profound longing to hold significance for another. Banners' "Someone To You" stands as a heartfelt exploration of the human quest for meaning and connection, presented within a melodic and emotionally charged composition.

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