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Parkway Drive's song "Prey" delves into profound themes of internal strife, societal pressures, and the relentless quest for validation. The lyrics eloquently depict a profound internal struggle characterized by an insatiable hunger for attention and acknowledgment. The recurring lines "I got an axe to grind, a crooked mind / You better watch your back" project a palpable sense of aggression and foreboding, instilling a pervasive atmosphere of unease and apprehension throughout the song.

The vivid imagery of "Starved like a vampire chasing a vein / Cruel disposition, sickness I crave" masterfully captures the relentless pursuit of validation and recognition, underscoring a profound yearning for affirmation and acknowledgment. The mention of a "sickness I crave" subtly alludes to the destructive consequences of this relentless pursuit and the toll it exacts on the individual's psyche.

The resonant chorus "Prey, we are all prey for the sorrow" poignantly highlights the inherent vulnerability of humanity in the face of life's myriad challenges and pressures. It conveys a profound sense of helplessness in navigating the complexities of existence and acknowledges the universal nature of suffering.

The verses delve into the themes of self-medication and the desperate quest for solace in destructive behaviors. Lines such as "Sick validation, gut full of pills / Self-medication, it's making me ill" shed light on the detrimental effects of seeking validation externally, underscoring the profound impact it has on one's mental and emotional well-being.

The evocative bridge "Our new gods are empty like the holes in our heads / We dance upon the altar of envy and hubris" serves as a poignant critique of contemporary society's preoccupation with superficiality and materialism. It suggests that the relentless pursuit of validation and recognition has devolved into a form of idolatry, resulting in a pervasive sense of disillusionment and emptiness.

In conclusion, "Prey" by Parkway Drive offers a poignant exploration of the inherent struggles associated with the pursuit of validation and recognition. Through its raw and evocative lyrics, the song shines a light on the destructive nature of seeking external affirmation and underscores the importance of cultivating self-acceptance and finding validation from within. It serves as a powerful reminder of the profound impact of societal pressures on individual well-being and the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional health in the quest for fulfillment and contentment.

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