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Alma's song "Phases" delves into the complexities inherent in romantic relationships, particularly highlighting the transient nature of infatuation. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a night characterized by youthful recklessness, where alcohol and intoxication blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy. The chorus, with its poignant declaration, encapsulates the essence of the song: "We got too drunk, we got too high / Fell in love when we were faded / Don't make this complicated / You were just one of my phases, oh yeah."

Throughout the verses, Alma eloquently narrates the experience of two individuals caught up in the intoxicating allure of the moment. Conversations flow freely, physical intimacy ensues, all fueled by the liberating effects of alcohol. However, amidst the passion and spontaneity, Alma expresses remorse for potentially leading the other person on, acknowledging that their connection was ephemeral, never intended to evolve beyond a passing phase.

The line "I drank all the liquor / Then you gave me yours" serves as a poignant metaphor for the exchange of emotions and vulnerability that often accompanies intoxicated encounters. Despite the intensity of the moment, Alma maintains clarity in acknowledging that the connection was fleeting and transient.

The addition of a rap verse by Montana adds depth to the song, offering a contrasting male perspective on the fleeting nature of the relationship. Montana underscores the temporary nature of their connection, emphasizing that it was merely a brief dalliance devoid of any profound emotional attachment.

Throughout the song, there permeates a sense of wistfulness and nostalgia for the transient connection shared between the two individuals. Alma's admission of keeping the other person's number yet never deleting it, coupled with the realization that sobriety brings clarity regarding their incompatibility, further reinforces the overarching theme of impermanence.

In conclusion, "Phases" by Alma serves as a poignant exploration of the transient nature of infatuation and the eventual demise of fleeting connections. It stands as a testament to the inevitability of change and serves as a reminder that not all relationships are destined to endure, some are merely passing phases in the journey of life.

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