Meaning of Older - Lizzy McAlpine

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Lizzy McAlpine's composition, "Older," is a hauntingly introspective musical endeavor that navigates a profound emotional landscape, delving into themes of nostalgia, regret, and the inexorable passage of time. The recurring motif of "Over and over" serves as a narrative anchor, establishing a cyclical pattern reminiscent of a carousel ride. This motif symbolically mirrors the repetitiveness inherent in life's challenges, weaving a complex tapestry of experiences.

The lyrical tapestry painted by McAlpine conveys a palpable sense of disorientation and unease, exemplified in the lines, "Sick to my stomach, can't find the ground, stuck in a loop, watch the curtain come down." This vivid language encapsulates a poignant struggle with emotional turmoil, portraying a relentless cycle that inevitably leads to a metaphorical curtain falling—a powerful metaphor illustrating the confrontation with unavoidable consequences.

A profound yearning for resolution and release permeates the lyrics, notably in the lines, "Thought it'd be over by now, thought you would leave, thought I would come to my senses." McAlpine confronts unmet expectations, contemplating a departure or a moment of clarity that remains elusive. The admission, "Wish I was stronger somehow, wish it was easy," articulates a profound desire for resilience and simplicity in the face of life's intricate complexities.

A poignant thematic shift occurs as McAlpine introduces the element of aging and familial bonds, expressing a heartfelt sentiment with, "Mom's getting older, I'm wanting it back." This line resonates with a universal longing for a time devoid of suffering, preserving the innocence of youth. The aspiration for a reality where she has been virtuous instead of exacerbating circumstances adds a layer of self-reflection to the song's narrative depth.

The recurring line, "I wish I knew what the end is," acts as a potent refrain, emphasizing the overarching theme of uncertainty and the quest for understanding life's ultimate purpose or conclusion. It encapsulates the profound exploration of grappling with the unknown and seeking clarity amid life's intricate challenges.

In conclusion, Lizzy McAlpine's "Older" emerges as a poignant exploration of the human experience, encapsulating themes of cyclical struggle, unmet expectations, familial love, and the universal quest for meaning. The song's raw emotional depth, coupled with McAlpine's evocative delivery, renders "Older" a resonant and introspective addition to her noteworthy body of work.

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