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Thomas Rhett's composition, "Look What God Gave Her," unfolds as a poignant celebration of love and admiration directed towards a significant other. The lyrical narrative traverses the spectrum of emotions, intricately detailing the narrator's deep appreciation for the woman in focus and the unparalleled joy she imparts to his existence.

The opening lines of the song establish the woman's understated allure, emphasizing her ability to effortlessly attract attention without actively seeking it. The imagery of her spinning around to her own song denotes a carefree and joyful spirit, setting the tone for an atmosphere of happiness. The metaphorical likening to being intoxicated by Corona and the heart racing akin to Daytona imparts a vivid and palpable quality to the emotional landscape painted by the lyrics. The declaration of being in heaven further accentuates the narrator's profound elation.

The chorus emerges as the anthem of the composition, conveying the central theme that resonates throughout the song. The repeated refrain of "Look what God gave her" serves as a testament to the narrator's belief that the woman's beauty and presence are bestowed by a divine hand. The perfection attributed to her by God becomes a poignant motif, with the narrator perceiving her as a response to his prayers. The acknowledgment of potential detractors reflects an acute awareness of societal judgments, yet the narrator resolutely dismisses any unwarranted blame assigned to her.

As the lyrical narrative progresses, Thomas Rhett employs vivid and evocative imagery to convey the extraordinary nature of the woman. Describing her as "one in seven billion" and illustrating the impact she has on everyone present in the room positions her as a rare and enchanting individual. The simile likening her presence to a fire in the building underscores the intensity of the attraction and the undeniable allure she possesses.

The subsequent verses delve deeper into the profound impact the woman exerts on the narrator. References to her angelic face and the unwavering assurance that he will never lose his faith showcase the depth of the emotional connection. The lyrics evoke a sense of awe and reverence for the woman, drawing parallels between her and an otherworldly being.

The closing lines of the song culminate in a reinforcement of the theme of divine beauty and the extraordinary nature of the woman. The mention of a captivating look in her eyes, the sensation of witnessing illumination with every kiss, and the symbolism of the heavens opening wide underscore the spiritual and transcendent qualities attributed to her. The deliberate repetition of "Look what God gave her" in the final chorus serves as a powerful and resonant conclusion, reiterating the profound gratitude and admiration expressed throughout the song.

In conclusion, "Look What God Gave Her" by Thomas Rhett emerges as a lyrical masterpiece, offering a testament to the overwhelming joy and appreciation the narrator harbors for a remarkable woman. The meticulously crafted lyrics paint a vivid and emotionally resonant picture of love, divine beauty, and the transformative impact of an extraordinary connection.

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