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Hinds's song "Just Like Kids (Miau)" provides a spirited examination of the intricacies and contradictions inherent in the life of a modern musician. Through its lyrics, the song delves into themes of identity, societal pressures, and the complex dynamics within the music industry.

From the outset, the song adopts a bold and assertive tone as the narrator directs their commentary towards an unnamed individual and their band. The lyrics critique the band's performance, suggesting they are consistently "out of tune" and casting doubt on their place within the music scene. This confrontational approach lays the foundation for an exploration of self-perception and the quest for artistic integrity.

As the song progresses, the lyrics adopt a more playful and irreverent demeanor, with the narrator teasing the subject about their accent and appearance. The repetition of "nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya-nya" injects a whimsical element, underscoring the playful banter. Despite the levity, underlying themes of insecurity and self-doubt gradually surface, adding depth to the song's narrative.

The chorus introduces a recurring motif centered around feeling "late" and distanced from home, mirroring the transient lifestyle often associated with musicians. The repetition of "I'm tired of waiting" underscores the frustration and restlessness inherent in the pursuit of artistic fulfillment. This juxtaposition of youthful enthusiasm with a sense of unease contributes to the song's multifaceted narrative.

Amidst the teasing and jesting, the lyrics also touch upon societal norms regarding success and beauty. References to being deemed "successful 'cause your legs are nice" highlight the superficiality and objectification prevalent in the music industry. This contrast between external perceptions and internal realities underscores the complexities of navigating fame and recognition.

The song's bridge provides a moment of introspection, as the narrator reflects on the dual nature of their circumstances. The repetition of "I guess it's the prettiest curse" encapsulates the ambivalence inherent in pursuing one's passion, acknowledging both its allure and its challenges. This poignant acknowledgment of the sacrifices and rewards associated with creative expression adds depth to the song's thematic exploration.

In its entirety, "Just Like Kids (Miau)" serves as a candid and lively examination of the trials and tribulations faced by musicians. Through its clever wordplay and infectious energy, the song invites listeners to contemplate the complexities of identity, success, and the pursuit of artistic fulfillment in a world that often imposes conformity.

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