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Khalid's composition, "Don't Pretend," transcends the conventional bounds of contemporary music, offering a profound examination of intricate sentiments such as love, yearning, and the intricate struggles intrinsic to preserving connections within the technological epoch. In scrutinizing the lyrical content, Khalid provides a candid and unfiltered portrayal of the hurdles encountered in relationships, particularly when contending with the variables of physical separation and the potential for misunderstandings.

The commencement of the song establishes a thematic ambiance, articulating a palpable sense of disconnection experienced in the absence of online presence. The artist grapples with the profound fear of losing the individual to whom they hold a deep connection, candidly acknowledging the arduous nature of feigning assurance regarding the stability of the relationship. The repetitive assertion of an existential void for the singer in their current circumstance amplifies the tumultuous emotional landscape the lyrics navigate.

The chorus resonates as a poignant entreaty for authenticity, an impassioned plea for the other party to "Show me, don't pretend." This recurring motif encapsulates the thematic nucleus of the song—an earnest yearning for genuine connections steeped in candor and openness. Khalid's vocal delivery, marked by vulnerability, earnestly confronts the complexities and tribulations that relationships invariably entail.

The succeeding verse delves deeper into the agony of separation, portraying the distant counterpart as aloof and frigid. The recollections of more felicitous times, characterized by the soft cadence of morning voices and an enveloping warmth, sharply contrast with the prevailing reality. The lyrics poignantly convey the solitude and yearning for a person who, despite having been a grounding force, is now physically distant.

The bridge introduces an element of desperation into the narrative, detailing the singer's visceral response through bruising their finger while anxiously attempting to make contact. The apprehension of withholding emotions and the potential erosion of one's sanity contribute layers of intensity to the emotional struggle that forms the core of the song. The repetition of being "so alone" underscores the profound isolation enveloping the singer.

In the culminating repetition of the chorus, the emotional intensity crescendos as Khalid implores the other party to "come alive" and divulge their authentic sentiments. The song concludes with an assertive declaration— "Show me, don't pretend." This resounding proclamation leaves an indelible impression on the listener, serving as a poignant testament to the paramount importance of authenticity within the intricate tapestry of relationships.

In its entirety, Khalid's "Don't Pretend" stands as a heartfelt exploration of the challenges inherent in sustaining genuine connections, underscoring the imperative nature of honesty and vulnerability within the intricate landscape of modern relationships.

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