Meaning of Been Meaning To Tell You - Starley


Starley, the distinguished Australian singer-songwriter, has left an indelible mark on audiences with her soul-stirring composition, "Been Meaning To Tell You." This profound musical piece, unveiled in 2020, embarks on a poignant exploration of unspoken sentiments and the consequential aftermath of overlooked romantic opportunities. The lyrical tapestry unfurls a narrative of remorse and heartache, encapsulating the emotional toll that surfaces upon the belated realization of unexpressed feelings.

The genesis of the emotional journey begins with the opening lines, where Starley eloquently articulates the burden of her unspoken musings. "You've been on my mind, and I know it's about timing to say anything I feel." This reflective admission serves as the song's thematic cornerstone, underscoring the critical role of timing in matters of the heart, a motif that resonates throughout the composition.

The chorus emerges as a compelling confessional, laying bare the artist's admission of having distanced herself from someone she held dear when they were in close proximity. "I pushed you away when your heart was right here, and now it's haunting me." This poignant line encapsulates the enduring regret and sorrow that pervade when love remains unacknowledged and unreciprocated, with the haunting consequences of her actions echoing prominently.

The lyrical verses delve into the intricate layers of emotions, as Starley grapples with the internal strife of concealing authentic feelings. "Been wanting to tell you, but it was too easy to live in a lie." This confession exposes the profound struggle associated with veiling genuine emotions, shedding light on the toll it exacts on one's emotional well-being.

The song's lyrical narrative also navigates the bittersweet acknowledgment of a past lover moving on. "It's been too long, and I heard that you moved on, but I just need to let you know." In this instance, Starley confronts the unalterable reality of elapsed time, recognizing the inevitability of change while feeling compelled to articulate her sentiments irrespective of temporal constraints.

In conclusion, "Been Meaning To Tell You" stands as an eloquent testament to Starley's mastery in conveying raw and relatable emotions through her musical prowess. The song's universal theme of regret and unexpressed love resonates profoundly with listeners, elevating it to a poignant addition within the artist's distinguished repertoire. With its soulful melody and heartfelt lyrics, Starley continues to showcase her unparalleled ability to craft emotionally charged musical narratives.

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