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Benson Boone's composition, "Beautiful Things," intricately navigates the nuances of gratitude, love, and the inherent anxiety surrounding the potential loss of cherished elements. The initial verses of the song serve as a retrospective commentary on a challenging period, juxtaposed against a more recent sense of contentment. The reference to overcoming the challenges of "the last four cold Decembers" subtly implies a trajectory of personal development and resilience.

The lyrical narrative evolves to portray the singer's elation in establishing a meaningful connection with a significant other, one who has earned the approval of their family. Lines such as "I found a girl my parents love" and "She'll come and stay the night" underscore the artist's portrayal of a stable and fulfilling relationship. This conveys a sentiment of completeness, suggesting that the singer may have attained a state of harmonious existence.

Nevertheless, the overarching theme introduces a poignant realization regarding the transient nature of happiness. The acknowledgment that bestowed blessings are susceptible to being taken away ("But I know the things he gives me / He can take away") introduces a note of vulnerability into the narrative. The lyrics reflect a profound gratitude towards a higher power for the positive transformations in the singer's life, imbuing the song with a sense of spiritual introspection.

The emotional core of the song is accentuated in the refrain, wherein the singer fervently expresses a desire for the current state of bliss to endure. The repeated plea for the loved one to stay ("Please stay / I want you, I need you, oh God") articulates a genuine fear of potential loss, underscoring the fragility of the beautiful elements acquired. This creates a palpable contrast between the sentiments of gratitude and the apprehension of potential separation encapsulated in the lyrics.

The singer's vulnerability becomes pronounced as he candidly acknowledges the fear of losing what he holds dear. The poignant line, "But there's no man as terrified / As the man who stands to lose you," encapsulates the emotional fragility underlying the apparent stability. This admission adds a layer of profound authenticity to the song, transforming it into a sincere exploration of the complexities of human emotions.

As the song progresses, the singer reaffirms an appreciation for the positive facets of life, emphasizing newfound mental well-being and faith. The closing lines encapsulate the singer's realization that despite possessing elements of contentment ("I've got peace and I've got love"), the fear of potential loss lingers. In essence, "Beautiful Things" by Benson Boone emerges as a heartfelt exploration of the fragility inherent in joy, coupled with a profound desire for the preservation of the beautiful elements that life bestows upon us.

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