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"Mesh Shayfenhom" by Hassan El Shafei, featuring Bosy and Double Zuksh, is a dynamic track that exemplifies the rich diversity of the Egyptian music scene. As a part of Coke Studio Egypt 2023, this song stands as a vibrant testament to the evolving nature of contemporary Egyptian music, blending a myriad of cultural influences and musical styles.

The song’s title, "Mesh Shayfenhom," which translates to "They Don't See Them" in English, suggests themes related to feelings of invisibility or being overlooked, possibly within societal or personal spheres. The lyrics likely delve into the emotional experience of feeling unrecognized or underappreciated, echoing a sentiment that resonates deeply with a broad spectrum of listeners.

Hassan El Shafei, renowned for his cutting-edge musical style, often harmonizes traditional melodies with modern beats. This collaboration with Bosy and Double Zuksh exemplifies this innovative approach, showcasing El Shafei's contemporary production techniques alongside the unique vocal and lyrical stylings of the featured artists.

Bosy and Double Zuksh, each bringing their individual musical heritages, add layers of depth and cultural relevance to the track. Their contributions transform "Mesh Shayfenhom" into a multifaceted and culturally rich musical experience, capturing the essence of the Egyptian music landscape.

The song's role in the Coke Studio Egypt 2023 project highlights its significance in the contemporary music scene of Egypt. Such initiatives are known for their role in fostering groundbreaking and culturally significant music, uniting a diverse array of artists, with "Mesh Shayfenhom" serving as a prime example of this collaborative spirit.

In summary, "Mesh Shayfenhom" is a significant contribution to Hassan El Shafei's discography and the broader Egyptian music industry. The track is a celebration of the collaborative nature of the artists and the Coke Studio project, effectively showcasing the fusion of traditional and modern sounds that characterizes the vibrant Egyptian music scene.

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