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Fleetwood Mac's composition, "Only Over You," crafted by the adept Christine McVie, serves as an eloquent testament to the intricate facets of love and the accompanying spectrum of emotions it engenders. The lyrical composition immerses itself in a state of emotional turbulence, wherein the central figure finds their thoughts overwhelmingly fixated on a significant other. The recurrent proclamation, "I'm out of my mind, and it's only over you," assumes a poignant resonance, symbolizing the profound and pervasive influence of love on the individual's mental equilibrium.

In the initial verses, a palpable sense of desperation and yearning permeates the lyrics, portraying an intense connection with the subject of affection. The emphatic declaration, "People think I'm crazy, but they don't know," alludes to the internal strife confronted by the vocalist in navigating societal perceptions of their emotional landscape. The subtle acknowledgment of past heartaches adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, accentuating the resilience of love as it defies societal expectations and flourishes despite adversities.

Woven into the tapestry of societal judgments, the lyrics articulate a plea for comprehension and an earnest desire for the beloved to remain. The recurring plea, "Angel, please don't go, I miss you when you're gone," reinforces the overarching theme of yearning and the apprehension of losing a profound emotional connection. The juxtaposition of external opinions, such as the label "silly girl," serves as a poignant contrast to the earnest and authentic emotions expressed by the singer, underscoring the genuineness of their sentiments.

As the lyrical narrative unfolds, "Only Over You" transcends the superficial judgments imposed by external observers, laying bare a profound truth regarding the singer's perception of love. The resolute declaration, "People say they know me, but they don't see, my heart's your future, your future is me," conveys an unwavering certainty and commitment. It challenges external perceptions, emphasizing the profound emotional investment in the relationship and the steadfast belief that their love is destined to endure.

In the final iteration of the chorus, the singer underscores the overpowering impact of love on their mental state. The persistent assertion, "I'm out of my mind, and it's only over you," encapsulates the thematic core of the song—an intense love that becomes the focal point of one's thoughts and emotions. "Only Over You" concludes with an invitation for listeners to reflect on the potent force of love, capable of defying societal norms and expectations, leaving an enduring impression on the human experience.

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